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Working from home. No boss. Being in charge of your own time. Whether it’s your side hustle or your main gig, there are a lot of pros to freelancing or owning your business. But there are also a lot of questions: “What do I charge? How do I find clients? WTF is a sales flywheel??” 

We hear you. Ready, Set, Go is the first free course from the Braintrust Academy, designed to give every freelancer and entrepreneur a leg up, whether you’re just getting started or have been at this game for years. It’s time to get those questions, answered.

What you'll learn:

  • Effective email introductions

  • Networking, deal flow, and elevator pitches

  • Estimating client fees  

  • Flywheel model vs. sales funnel

  • Calculating expected income  

  • How much to charge

  • How to fill your pipeline

  • Setting next-level and achievable goals for your business and career

  • Managing difficult clients and dealing with non-payments

  • Resumes that stand out  

  • How to get the most out of referrals 

Key benefits:

  • Feel confident when pitching clients because you know you're charging the right rates
  • Stand out from hundreds of talented people applying to the same jobs
  • Take control of your freelance career; map out your 3-month, 6-month, 1-year+ plans
  • Win more business, worry less about deal flow, and focus on the actual work
  • Ready, Set, Go is 100% completely free
  • Complete Earn BTRUST tokens to unlock master classes taught by seasoned entrepreneurs and freelancers valued at over $2,500

Created with experts from:

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Setting Goals for Your Business/Freelance Career

    • Where to Showcase Your Work Online

    • BONUS: 139 Action Verbs to Make Your Resume Stand Out

    • How to Stand Out Online

    • Must-have skills as a freelancer/business owner

    • Freelance Pricing Models

    • BONUS: How To Calculate Hourly Rates & Project Estimates

  • 2


    • Creating an Effective Elevator Pitch

    • Quiz: Elevator Pitch

    • BONUS: 10 More Elevator Pitches

    • Why Hire You Over Someone Else


    • Filling Your Freelance Pipeline

    • Intro Emails that Work

    • BONUS: Pitching & Proposals with Terry Rice

    • BONUS: Real Pitch Emails that Worked

    • Where to Network Online

  • 3


    • Building a Sales Funnel for Your Business

    • BONUS: Building a Sales Funnel with Zeina Muna

    • Building a Flywheel for Your Business

    • Earn More Recurring Revenue


    • Managing Difficult Clients

    • Collecting References and Testimonials

How It Works

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World Class Video Instructors

Author & Speaker

Terry Rice

Brought to you by Honeybook, Terry Rice is an author, speaker, and Business Development Expert-in-Residence at Entrepreneur magazine. Learn from Terry tips on pitching your service in a competitive environment, process and communication tips that establish yourself as a business partner, not just a vendor; best practices for creating proposals; establishing a repeatable process to communicate the value of the work you create; and tools and routines that help you stand out from the competition while increasing your efficiency.

Director, Business Development, iFundWomen

Zeina Muna

Sales is essential to ANY business. Whether you’re selling traditional physical products or offering digital or consulting services, sales has to drive your business model. Understanding your sales funnel can help you figure out how to acquire new customers and leads, but also identify some of the places where your customers aren’t converting. iFundWomen’s Director of Business Development, Zeina Muna, teaches how to unlock revenue by building a well-defined sales funnel.

Master Classes

Unlock these classes and more with tokens earned through Ready, Set, Go

Co-founder and COO of Bulletin

Ali Kriegsman

A great partnership can mean the difference between this level of success and the next. Ali Kriegsman is the co-founder and COO of Bulletin, a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient, and she was named one of "The Most Creative People in Business" by Fast Company. In her master class, she teaches "Scaling Your Business with Effective Partnerships".

Google Recruiter

Taara Sajnani

When you’re looking for gigs, a recruiter can be your best friend. Taara Sajnani is a recruiter at Google and YouTube, based in New York City. She’s also the founder of Sajnani Brand Management, where she manages female founders looking to elevate their brands. In her master class, she teaches "How to Stand out to Recruiters".

3x Emmy® Award-winning Producer

Lisa Weiss

Stories make the world go ‘round -- and you’re nothing without a good one. Lisa Weiss is the three-time Emmy® Award-winning founder and CEO of Storybeat Studio. She’s also a producer for Oprah Winfrey and CBS News. In her master class, she teaches "The Art of Storytelling for Your Brand".

Bonus Content

Not only do you get world class freelance advice, Ready, Set, Go also comes with:

  • Intro Email & Elevator Pitch Templates

    Review actual client pitches and intro emails from other freelancers that have won projects repeatedly. Download examples of elevator pitches after learning the most effective elevator pitch formulas.

  • Sales & Resume Resources

    Do you know what a sales funnel is? How about a flywheel? Well, you will after the Ready, Set, Go video workshop recording. And as another bonus, you’ll be able to download 139 action verbs to make your resume stand out.

  • Calculators & Frameworks

    Download how to accurately calculate your hourly rates and come up with project estimates.

Priyanka Rao

MBA, PMP for Fortune 500

"I loved it. I have spent a lot of time in the corporate world and have been through enough training. I could tell that this is a course developed by a team of seasoned professionals who have years of experience as a freelancer/ entrepreneur. The course took care of all major aspects of what it takes to become a good freelancer and how to sell yourself. I am going to be referring back to the course material many times in the future!"

Allison Tanenhaus

Digital Artist + Senior Copywriter

"An accessible, actionable distillation of freelance entrepreneurship essentials."

Landen Zackery

Software Engineer for 12+ years

"It felt like having a mini mentor in my computer screen that is showing me the ropes while giving me encouragement."

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